INIFA 2022



Carlos Atiles, Director of Legal Affairs, Agencias Navieras B&R

Vittorio Aversano, Senior IP & Brand Protection Counsel , Bulgari
Olivier Bloch, Intellectual Property Lead Counsel, Arkema
Marc Bouchet, Vice President Intellectual Property, Idemia
Catherine Brel, Deputy General Counsel, Renault
Lyse Brillouet, Vice President Intellectual Property and Licensing, Orange
Adraea Brown, Legal Director, Harley-Davidson
Jeffrey Butler, Senior IP Counsel, Lonza
Jean-Marc Brunel, Chief Intellectual Property Officer, Safran
Patricio Carballés, Legal Affairs Director, Laboratorios Richmond
Tristan Carrier, Senior Manager, Intellectual Property Counsel - Americas, Dassault Systèmes
Miroslav Cerny, Coordinator of IP Departement, Skoda Auto
Alfred Chaouat, Vice President Lincensing, Interdigital
Thimothy Collins, Head of Intellectual Property, Bombardier Aviation
Antoine Dintrich, Chief Executive Officer, IEEPI
Olivier Duval, Senior In-House Counsel & Data Privacy Manager, MF Brands Group International
Nane Engelhart, Legal IP Counsel, Tom Tom International
Hanns Hallesius, Former Head of Group Intellectual Property, Electrolux
Patricia Hec, General Counsel Oncology, Novartis International
Myrtha Hurtado Rivas, Global Head Trademarks & Domain Names, Novartis International
Andreas Iwerbäck, Director of Group Technology & IP Intelligence, Husqvarna Group
Stephanie Jones, Intellectual Property Lead Counsel, General Motors
Addam Kaufman, Corporate Counsel, Oracle
Yann Kolic, IP Patent Managing Counsel, Renault
Arne Lang, Head of IP Management, Evonik
Laurence Le Texier, Head of Patent Litigation, LFB Biotechnologies
Yacine Lotaut, Intellectual Property Director, Thales
Jennifer Mahmoudi Azar, Legal Counsel, GRTGaz
Bartolomeo Marcerano, Vice President Intellectual Property, Ansaldo Energia
Malcom Meeks, Patent Director, France Brevets
Frédérique Minelle, Legal Manager, Groupe Rocher
David Modzeleski, Senior Vice President, IP & Litigation, Discovery
Claudia Pappas, Head of IP Team Trademarks, ThyssenKrupp IP
Laetitia Paysan Teboul, Legal Manager, Orange
Ronald Prague, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Synchronoss Technologies
Sophie Carole René-Worms, Former General Counsel, Reckitt Benckiser
Maud Robert, Director Trademarks & Counterfeit, Galderma
Edwars Rockwell, Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, Epam Systems
Daniel Roslokken, Managing Member & General Counsel, Insurance Design Administrators
Aurélie Roux, Head of IP Law, Faurecia
Anne-Sophie Schaefer, Global Head of IP, Arkema
Thomas Schatz, Head of Legal and IP, Staedler
J.Bruce Schelkopf, Group Sr. Vice President & Chief Intellectual Property Officer, ABB
Gregory Sieczkiewicz, Executive Partner, Chief Ip Counsel, MPM Capital
Nicholas Studler, Head of Intellectual Property, Lindt & Sprüngli
Gene Vinokur, Senior Patent Counsel, MERL-Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Dennis Wilke, Legal Brand Protection / IP, Cluse
Stephan Wolke, Head of Intellectual Property & Services, ThyssenKrupp IP
Nabil Yanar, Senior IP Counsel, Groupe SEB