INIFA 2022


The Milan based law firm emlex identifies a long lasting common professional experience of Eva Maschietto and Massimo Maggiore. The brand incorporates a strong personal footprint, in which the initials of their first names have been merged (“e” standing for Eva and “m” for Massimo). The firm has been conceived with in mind the necessity to provide services responding to the needs of businesses, in particular the most innovative and highly technological ones, and the need to give a personal touch to legal advice. Characterised for its flexibility, emlex has been structured with in mind the need to face the demand for interdisciplinary and ever-evolving legal services, while at the same time relying on strong legal and technical pillars, as also testified by the firm’s involvement with the academy. The client base of emlex embraces companies whose activities are focused on innovation, development and the deployment of new technologies, on an array of industries and in particular food, high-end furniture and lighting, cybersecurity, cloud computing, social housing, smart cities and benefit companies, environmental services.

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