INIFA 2022

Romain Vidal,Senior Account Executive, IP RALLY TECHNOLOGIES OY (Finland)

French, based in Munich/Barcelona. 7 years past experience as patent professional mainly in physics, CII for various industries such as industry 4.0/digital automation, semiconductors, medical devices and currency technologies&digital identity. Senior Account Executive at IPRally - the NextGen patent information platform based on a Graph AI NN trained in a supervised manner to understand, on the one hand the patent logic, and on the other hand, the technical invention. For a much more intuitive, more open, much faster and reliable way of accessing, monitoring and classifying information using Graph AI. We bring a good control, high level of explainability/transparency and machine intelligence - a real game changer to this industry. Passionate about web3&blockchain, Founder of the Munich Blockchain Stampede, Leader of the International Blockchain Stampede, Regional Ambassador of the GBBC (France/Germany), Advisor at I speak French (mother tongue), English and German fluently. Let's connect!